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Bad Bills (Schiavo and Ranzo) are two Djs/Producers based in Milan.
They started the project in 2014 as Rap Producers and Djs, counting many appearance in many clubs between Pavia and Milan.
Their sound become from “Rap” and “R'n'B” with a particular shade of “African” sound; with this mixture they found the perfect combination to make every single track unique. They started publishing their works on SoundCloud and immediately they got positive responses; two examples are “Bilagaana” and their Remix of “New Rules – Dua Lipa” which passed over 18k plays.
Moreover they published their first EP called “Black Side”: this work contains 4 tracks in which we can find different moods united with a precise sound. After publishing their works on this platform, they decided to make another track called “Mshindo” on youtube, accompanied with an art video which exalts the typical aboriginal sound of this work.
They received support from many artist and they still continue to collaborate with many of these making different works belonging to different genres but all with the signature of the original sound Bad Bills.